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Ingrowing and Involuted Toe Nails


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Ingrowing Toe Nails

They occur when the edge of the nail cuts into the skin. It often bleeds and becomes inflammed as the skin tries to heal itself. As the nail is in the way the wound cannot close so hypergranulation (healing) tissue starts to grow on top of the nail. The toe can swell to twice its normal size and the wound can become infected and ooze pus.

What causes them

Most ingrowing toe nails are caused by poor nail cutting or injury. A rough or sharp edge may be left which cuts into the skin as the nail grows. Close fitting shoes don't help, pushing the nail edge down into the groove.

Involuted nails

These occur when the nail edge curls down into the groove. The more it presses into the groove the more the skin hardens forming a callous. If the pressure continues corns can form in the nail groove. They can be very painful but can usually be removed in a single treatment.


The treatment for ingrowing and involuted nails is cutting away the problem edge. In the case of involuted nails any corns or callous is then removed and then the nail edge is smoothed to reduce the risk of reccurence. Any inflammation should settle down quickly.

Regular treatment may be necessary to keep the problem under control where the nail is excessively wide or curled.

To clear the problem in the long term we can offer a minor operation to remove all of the nail or just the curved section, under a local anaesthetic. It is an almost painless procedure which stops the nail from growing again thereby curing the problem.

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